Solar Power Plant

Designed in 2009 completed December 2012 

Hear We Build

Painted by Anthony Padilla  in North Natomas in March of 2012. This was a personal self funded attempt to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento. At the time David Stern and NBA executives were coming to Sacramento to discuss the future of the Kings franchise. Sculpture by local artist Joe Scarpa. News coverage for the event was broadcast on Fox 40 KTXL, Channel 13 KCRA and  News 10 ABC. Original score "Here We Build" by The Emeralds = Wil Ruetten-Guitar, Anthony Padilla - Drums, Esteban Varelas - Congas, Ryan Kerr - Rhythm Guitar, Kelsy Ruetten - Bass Yarrow Kessler - Gravity bong

Electrolyte Night

Painting with support from the patrons of the Pence Gallery in Davis California. Artist Anthony Padilla.

Color Swatches

Painted and fabricated by Anthony Padilla in Sacramento, California in the summer of 2007. Mural painted entirely with Spanish Montana spray paint on Dibond. 2 layers of UV protective automotive grade clearcote were applied to protect the painting from the elements.  This was commissioned by local writer for the Sacramento Bee, Bob Silva. Original score "Color Swatches" by Wil Ruetten-Guitar, Anthony Padilla - Drums, Ryan Kerr - Rhythm Guitar, Kelsy Ruetten - Bass

I'm Gonna Wanna!

Painted by Anthony Padilla in Fresno in January, 2013 at the 1st annual Bizarre Art Festival. Concept of painting depicts an anti-frakking theme. Original score "I'm Gonna Wanna!" by Positraction = Wil Ruetten-Guitar, Anthony Padilla - Drums, Jack Haley - Vocals, Derrick Johnson - Bass